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“We were replacing outside light fixtures on the garage and before taking the old fixture down, the light was working and we had opened the garage door. After putting up the new light fixture, we could not get that particular light to work and the garage door power was out. Nothing in the breaker box had been tripped. Bill provided great customer service – we talked on the phone first so he could get more info. He instructed me to try a few things first that I could manage on my own – and it easily fixed the problem! It was very much appreciated that he didn’t take advantage of the situation and come out and charge me for something that I could do myself (I had to reset a GFI in the bathroom – but I never would have thought to check those – especially in the bathroom since the issue was in the garage!) Bill followed up with me very quickly after my request went out and was a big help.”

Katie M.

October 11, 2015

March 19, 2016